When discovering the underwater world your experience in diving gives you the opportunity to see the diversity that exists in underwater species. The best of diving!.
Simply observe and enjoy what you see. Avoid the temptation to touch something.
Many animals will swim away from the divers or hide from them, the best is getting closer calmly and slowly.
Most species do not bite or sting; some have sharp limbs that could scratch or injure a diver if there is an involuntary contact, be careful not to hit anything, including corals or rocks. Beside to protecting yourself, it is important to avoid damaging the environment or aquatic life; Be careful with the fins, pay attention where you put your hands, enjoy the views but without distancing yourself from your partner and the Ocean Explorer professional who accompanies you. We work together with a common goal: A clean, healthy and abundant marine world.


Explore our underwater world, connect with our programs of positive changes to the ocean.

PADI AWARE Project is a global movement that takes actions for the protection of the ocean. We help empower people as agents of positive changes to the oceans, scaling local actions for global impact. Together we help to implement policies to protect vulnerable marine species and take action – in and out of the water – to help save the oceans.

As you can dive and help marine conservation.


Specialty courses AWARE project and more … .. discover how you can dive and help marine conservation.

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